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Welcome to Subfighter BJJ Tournaments!


Hello and welcome to Subfighter BJJ Tournaments. My name is Russ Miura, I have been hosting Jiu Jitsu Tournaments in Orange County, Ca since 2010. Our goal is simple,  to ensure that every competitor has a great experience, to help you improve your jiu jitsu, and grow through experience. We dont judge the success of our events by the number of competitors or amount of money made; we judge it based on the experience that You, the competitor had. I began competing in Wrestling at age 10, then BJJ, and MMA and I can tell you that there is no substitute for experience and mat time. We pride ourselves on the amount of matches that we ensure our competitors get for a very fair price. One of my own students has competed in 12 of our tournaments and has over 60 Matches already; an average of more than 5 Matches per tourney! This amount of mat time is invaluable because the more matches that you get... the faster you grow!!! You will grow technically, you will grow emotionally, and you will grow mentally as a Martial Artist, which is the main reason you are here, right?

in 2007 Russ Miura received his BJJ Black Belt & BA in Kinesiology at CSUF
Russ Miura's Subfighter Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy Laguna Hills Orange County

We are all brothers and sisters under Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and we are all helping each other grow. Our local, low cost "Subfighter Classic" tournaments are Round Robin Format to build confidence from mat time. Then, step up your game in our larger "Subfighter Challenge" Championship tournaments and experience competitors from all over California, Arizona, Oregon, & Nevada, & even other countries like Canada & Mexico.  One thing that has been repeately said about our tournaments is the great energy that we have throughout the entire event. The competitive atmosphere is more relaxed, which has resulted in us having very few injuries (only 2 serious in 35+ events). We don't have people trying to intentionally injure each other, there are no fights in the stands or on the mat, and people display respect to one another as a Real Martial Artist should.


We offer affordable cost, efficiently run quality matches, and a Great Experience at the end of the day. I hope to see you at our next tournament! Cya on the Mat - Russ

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