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The Original Subfighter Tournament...
Gain Experience, Save Money, Better Jiu Jitsu!


This is a No Gi Competition Event - 2 Matches Guaranteed

Medals given for 1st-3rd Places 

Location: San Clemente High School 700 Avenida Pico, San Clemente, Ca 92673


Weigh-in’s: (1lb allowance given)

Saturday 5/4 from 10:30am to 12:00pm

  • Russ Miura Jiu Jitsu - 23482 Peralta Dr #F Laguna Hills, Ca 92653

  • 10th Planet Burbank - 4130 W Burbank Blvd, Burbank, Ca 91505

  • 10th Planet Dark Arts - 3817 Pacific Coast Hwy, Torrance, Ca 90505

  • 10th Planet Fullerton - 601 S. Euclid Ave, Fullerton, Ca 92832

  • 10th Planet Orange - 1832 N Tustin St, Orange, Ca 92865

  • 10th Planet Pasadena - 2333 Lake Ave, Altadena, Ca 91001

  • 10th Planet Redlands - 821 West Colton Ave, Redlands, Ca 92374

  • 10th Planet Van Nuys - 16525 Sherman Way #C9, Van Nuys, Ca 91406

  • 10th Planet Ventura - 1540 E Main St, Ventura, Ca 93001

  • Checkmat Boyle Heights - 2811 Whittier Blvd, Boyle Heights, Ca 90023

  • CMMA - 1617 W. Rosecrans Ave #F, Gardena, Ca 90249

  • CSG 360 Jiu Jitsu - 3365 Mission Ave #C&D, Oceanside, Ca 92058

  • Riverside MMA - 6250 Brockton Ave, Riverside, Ca 92506


Saturday 5/4 from 11am to 1:00pm

  • 10th Planet Murrieta - 24837 Jefferson #204, Murrieta, Ca 92562

  • 10th Planet Poway - 14009 Midland Rd, Poway, Ca 92064

  • More TBA

  •  If Your gym is interested in Hosting, Please email

Or Sunday 5/5 from 7:30am to 9:00am

  • San Clemente High School - 700 Avenida Pico, San Clemente, Ca 92673


 If Your gym is interested in Hosting a Weigh-In Station, your looking for a Vendor Booth, or being a Paid Referee,

Please Call 559-304-5935 or email

More schedule & tentative bracket info will be emailed to all registered competitors the week prior to the event

**In order to compete or attend, you must not have a fever, cough, shortness of breath, or any other Covid-19 symptoms or have had close contact with anyone within 5 days that has had symptoms of or diagnosed with Covid-19. 

We are a mixed-age tournament, we get everyone from kids and teens to people over 50+. 

All competitors will be Required to sign a waiver. Competitors under 18 will need a parent/guardian to sign a waiver & turn in at weigh in's or you will not compete - NO EXCEPTIONS



[Coaches bringing teams from out of state/town: Please contact Russ Miura 559-304-5935 for special weigh-in arrangements or email us at ]

Event Pricing & Registration $65 Pre-Registration through 3/14, then $85

***Email for Family discount info for 3 or more competitors from the SAME Family***


If online registration is closed please email or call Russ 559-304-5935 to request

Spectators: Adults $20, Kids 6-14 $10, Kids 5 & under FREE - Proceeds go to the San Clemente High School GIRLS Wrestling Program

Please email any registration corrections, Including names of coaches attending to by 4/13.

2 Coaches Wristbands will be issued Per Team, If additional Coaches bands are needed,

Please let us know by 5/4 & they can be issued for $10 each

No Registration Refunds will be issued, however credits can be requested for injuries or certain circumstances before 4/13 & if approved,

will be valid for ANY future event. .

PLEASE GO OVER OUR RULES BELOW. We run our events differently from the IBJJF and other organizations. Our rules are simple and based on our experience at keeping people safe. We’re passionate about supporting all grapplers by providing affordable events where you get more matches and a chance to improve your techniques and get experience. Our format allows you to relax, focus on the fight, and have fun!

Experience Level For This Tournament: 

Men, Women, & Kids (5+) - ALL Belts

*Weight Classes  - Kids (lbs) We strongly discourage weight cutting for kids & will bracket based on Actual weights after weigh ins close

  • 50lbs & under, 60lbs, 70lbs, 80lbs, 90lbs, 100lbs, 110lbs, 120lbs, 130lbs, 140lbs, 150lbs, 160lbs, 161lbs+

*Weight Classes  - Women (lbs) 

  • 115lbs & under, 130lbs, 145lbs. 160lbs, 160lbs+

*Weight Classes  – Men (lbs) 

  • 135lbs & under, 145lbs, 155lbs, 165lbs, 175lbs, 185lbs, 195lbs, 196lbs+ (we will split Heavy Weights into multiple divisions depending on # of competitors)

*We reserve the right to combine or mix n match weight/experience divisions, in order to bracket effectively. Although we guarantee at least 2 matches, it is not unusual for some competitors to get 3-5 matches, All for our low registration price!

Uniform: Any color Fight/Board Shorts, Spats, or Tights. Any color short or long sleeve rash guard or form fitting shirt. No loose or baggy shirts. No open pockets, hard plastic, or metal allowed on any clothing. Head gear, cups, & knee/ankle supports (no metal or hard plastic) are allowed, but optional.

Point System: Takedown 2 – Sweep 2 – Pass Guard 3 – Mount 4 – Back Mount with hooks or triangle 4, Referee will not award points until they feel control is completely established. No “advantages,” you must score real points to win,  No “knee on belly” points.

Illegal Techniques: All Divisions – No slamming or spiking of opponent, No cow hoofs or small joint manipulation, no can opener neck cranks, no striking, no twisting leg locks (toe holds, heel hooks), no using thumb or hands on neck to close windpipe, no disrespectful or foul language during match, no pulling off the mat to avoid a submission, & no continuous stalling (repeatedly avoiding action).


Legal Techniques: All takedowns (double & single leg, judo throws & sweeps, fire-mans, Greco Roman techniques), All Arm locks (armbar, kimura, americana), All Chokes (triangle, guillotine, darce, anaconda, ezekiel, gogoplata, rear naked, twister, head & arm), Straight leglocks/ankle locks (kneebars, footlocks,  calf slicers, & reaping as long as the lock is straight).

If you do not comply with our rules, you will get 1 warning. Repeatedly going for illegal techniques or being belligerent to staff will result in disqualification and no refund will be given.

Match Lengths: 

- All Kids Divisions 4 minutes each

- All Adult Divisions 5 minutes each 

Tie-Breaking: Because we do not use advantages or referee decision, occasionally a match will end with a tie in points. In this case, competitors will fight in Overtime. Overtime can be won by 1st takedown ONLY. This can be a very exciting period in the match, so remember to work on your Take Downs!

Other Special Rules: This is our version of a Double Elimination Tournament, in which we guarantee at least 2 matches. A double- elimination tournament is a type of tournament in which a participant will have another match, regardless of the outcome of their 1st match, which stands to contrast to single elimination tournaments, in which in only one defeat, a competitor is eliminated from the tournament. Although some double elimination formats allow for an athlete to lose a match and still take 1st; at Subfighter, if you have lost a match, you are then dropped in to the consolation bracket meaning the best you can place is then 3rd.

(Only exception is if your 1st loss is in the medal round for 1st/2nd, then you would take 2nd)

We will do our best to separate competitors from the same school, however in the event that competitors are from the same school, and the coach does not wish them to compete against each other, a winner must be declared & decided upon in the staging area, prior to competitors being sent to the mat. This will automatically give one student a loss for that round, which could result in elimination based on prior matches. No matches will result in a tie. Referee’s reserve the right to stop the match at any time, as safety is a main priority. A decision involving a referee's judgement is not to be questioned. We want this to be fun, safe, and exciting experience for everyone!

Competitor Etiquette: You are being held to a higher standard as a competitor, because it is You that determines the quality & success of the tournament. You must show respect to all other competitors, coaches, teams, the referee's & tournament staff at all times. Verbal disrespect or aggressive actions towards anyone will be grounds for disqualification from the tournament & No Refund will be given. No Sandbagging, if you train or have trained another discipline (wrestling, boxing, etc) that should be taken into consideration when selecting your experience level. If you are a professional athlete or fighter, do NOT sign up for beginner divisions.

Coaches Etiquette: You are allowed to coach your athlete as much as you'd like, however NO derogatory or disrespectful remarks about any other competitor, coach, team, referee, or staff member will be allowed at Any time. As a coach, it is up to you to demonstrate respect for all different teachings and styles, and your students will follow. A decision involving a referee's judgement is not to be questioned. Technical questions (points not awarded, points awarded to wrong competitor, or other scoreboard issue) can be asked politely & respectively, however the referee makes the final decision.

Spectator Etiquette: All spectators are welcome & encouraged to cheer on their athlete, however we will not tolerate any booing or disrespectful remarks towards other competitors, coaches, spectators, referee's, or other tournament staff. All spectators are allowed to film and/or take pictures from the stands, but are not allowed on the mats or in the competition area. Only competitors, coaches, referee's & tournament staff are allowed on the mat area.

*We reserve the right to combine or mix n match weight/experience divisions, in order to bracket effectively. Although we guarantee at least 2 matches, it is not unusual for some competitors to get 3-5 matches, All for our low registration price!

Do You Have Questions?  Call Russ Miura: 559-304-5935,  or email us at


Sun 5/5 San Clemente High School

Tentative Schedule:


7:30-9am: Weigh Ins

9:30am: Rules Meeting
10am: Kids & Women's Divisions Begin
Men's Divisions Begin

(Starting w/Advanced)


This is just an estimate, any schedule changes

will be emailed to all registered competitors

after weigh in's close on 5/4

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